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How Much Wallpaper Will You Need? A Simple Way to Estimate

Transform the look of your home’s exterior with our wall coverings in Cumming, Georgia. At Atlas Wallcovering, we provide quality wallpaper removal and installation services for residential and commercial clients, and we love what we do.

You have the choice of buying the wallpaper from us at great prices or supplying your own. If you supply your own, we have some easy estimation techniques to ensure you have enough wallpaper on hand. If you need to wallpaper special areas, such as cathedral ceilings, stairways, and rooms with an unusual shape, contact us to measure and provide a professional estimate.

Before You Measure

We provide two accurate calculation methods below. Keep in mind that wallpaper patterns with a significant drop match (24 inches or greater) will need additional wallpaper and that most wallpaper comes sold in double rolls. Let us know if you want single or double rolls when you order.

Single Roll Calculation:

  1. Use a yardstick or steel tape measure to measure the dimensions of your walls. Ensure you round up to the next half or whole foot.
  2. Add the length of every wall that will covered and multiply this by your ceiling height.
  3. Divide by 25, which is the number of square feet in a single roll of wallpaper. Round any fractions up.
  4. You now have the number of single rolls you need.

Double Roll Calculation:

  1. 1. Measure the distance around the perimeter of your room. If there are any window or door openings, simply measure right over them.
  2. Measure the height of the room. Use the chart below to determine the approximate number of double rolls you require. A double roll covers approximately 44 square feet after pattern matching.
  3. For applications that do not fit on the below chart, multiply ceiling height by room perimeter and divide by 44. Round any fractions upward. Do not deduct any amount for standard size doors or windows. If you have significantly large windows or any other large openings (such as fireplaces and French doors) that will not require wallpaper, then some wallpaper can be deducted from the total.
Measurement Chart

For assistance with estimating your needs, call our hanging wallpaper experts at (866) 340-3698 today.